‘Bifocal’ vision…!

Elders are mostly silent in the weddings and at they are even ignored by others in some weddings. Elders will mostly be searched for while organizing a family group photograph at the end of the event. But as a photographer, I always keep an eye on them, especially if they are closely related to the couple. Like children, elders are also very expressive. But most of the times their expressions are very mild and calm, hence go unnoticed.

This is a photo of an elderly woman, closely related to the groom of the wedding, which was shot when the wedding mass was in full swing. I find this respectable woman, unable to stand and finding difficult to read the handbook of the wedding. She was sitting throughout the church session and struggling to read the hand book using a magnifying glass on top of her spectacles. I was impressed by her involvement in reading and shot her from behind in close range.

You will get a lot of nice expressions from such elders if you observe them around in a wedding scene. They could finely be organized as candid pictures in the wedding photo-book.

– KL.Raja Ponsing