An ultimate reward

The ultimate purpose of a good wedding photo book is to recall the emotions of a wedding like it has happened just now!

I had handled an emotional wedding recently. It was wonderful to shoot a Vietnamese bride and a south Indian bridegroom uniting in marriage. The couple were from different countries and cultural backgrounds. What I found common in them were the emotions and values of human relationships.

Crying bride

During the reception, I was asked to screen few of the childhood images of the couple, along with glimpses of the wedding that happened a few days ago. The brief slide show with mild music contained few of the wedding pictures with the emotions neatly captured. As the pictures rolled on the screen, it brought back to them memories of their wedding.

The couple and their relatives became emotional with tears. At the end of the slide show, the couple couldn’t control their emotions. With the tears in their eyes, they called me onto the stage, congratulated and hugged me and said that the pictures were wonderful. I become emotional too; as I thanked them for the given opportunity.

It was a great moment in my life and wedding photography career. It was a priceless appreciation and an ultimate reward for my work. I shared this moment immediately with my associate photographers present over there.

What else can make my life as a wedding photographer more meaningful than moments like these? I am proud of being a photographer, who can make remarkable difference to people through my pictures. These moments really prove the power of the great art – ‘Photography’. Let our cameras make pictures that touch the heart of people, because it is the ultimate reward a photographer must aim at.


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