It’s for you

 How can you expect to get great shots in your weddings when some one in your own family is constantly restricting the movements of the photographers and instructing to shoot from a particular position.This happened in one of our recent weddings. The father of the groom was angrily directing the photographers to stay away from most of the events and shouting at them constantly.When a person like him restricts our movements, we only get mediocre shots. Some clients forget that the photos are shot for them and not for us. It is for them that we work hard and try something different. When our clients can direct us on our jobs, then it is not our output. When the professional freedom is not given to any artist, he performs very average. He loses on his job and his creativity is killed.

Great photography happens only when professional freedom is given. For me photography is not a job, but passion. When I am not allowed to do my work with passion and dedication, I prefer to stay away than to shoot some insensible

pictures. Great photography happens not with expensive cameras, but with lot other accomplishments. A cheerful mood and professional freedom is most important in it.However, I wish all clients co-operate in our assignments for their own benefit. After all, all the effort invested is for them.


15 thoughts on “It’s for you

  1. True Sir. Being an amateur photographer, I had experienced this many times (being directed by the people around the stage). For us, it is the right moment and angle of view , for them.. it just irritates. I overcame this problem by having a word with the people before the wedding itself(I showed the stunning photos with great timing and angles..they get convinced all the times). You too can try this.


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